Exhibitions in development

When we see a number of works coalescing around an idea or around an approach to create art or design that tells us something about the world in which we are living, and when those works grab our attention and fill our minds, we begin to think, and work, to see if this might be the nexus of an exhibition. Once we have assembled a critical mass, through research—looking and learning—we look at the group of images to determine if they constitute a cohesive thesis that can translate into a strong exhibition.

Once in a while we find the work of a single artist or designer so compelling that we are compelled to develop a one-person exhibition.

When we form a partnership with a museum to initiate an exhibition, we work seamlessly with them to create a project that is responsive to the needs and profile of that museum. We have partnered with both academic and public institutions.

In the downloadable attachment please find brief descriptions of a number of exhibition ideas we hope to develop. In most cases, museums have expressed interest in presenting these exhibitions were they to tour. We seek both possible venues and the critical organizing institution with which to partner.

lead image: Lin Tianmiao; 
Protruding Patterns, 2014;
 wool thread, yarn, acrylic; 
dimensions variable;
courtesy Galerie Lelong & Co.