MetaModern in the Home Stretch

IMG_3473Over the last four years, we’ve seen the work of artists who incorporate iconic modernist designs into their work using recombinations and modifications resulting in an entirely unique mix––or meta-modernism. Meta meaning beyond, changed, self-reverential, abstracted from another concept. With these new configurations, MetaModern artists are making original works of art that comment on the history of modernism in light of the complexities of today.

KamWe are excited to be in the home stretch of this collaboration with the Krannert Art Museum at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. From today until the opening at KAM in January 2015 we are working feverishly on the accompanying publication and exhibition plan, finalizing all loans and working out labels and didactics, among countless other not-so-glamorous tasks.

KH comicOur first meeting with book designer James Goggin of Practise, over a delicious Sunday brunch at The Gage overlooking Millennium Park in Chicago, gave us the opportunity to discuss our ideas and to introduce the exhibition concepts (and to be wowed by James’s publications that he had brought along). The second meeting, only virtual this time around, just wrapped up online. We went through James’s first concept and had a fruitful chat about next steps and how to incorporate the latest component of the book, an essay in graphic form, a collaboration between Conrad Bakker, one of the artists in the exhibition, and Kevin Huizenga, genius creator of the Supermonster mini comics.


Still on a high after being awarded the Elizabeth Firestone Graham grant for the catalog last month, we are excited to be immersed in the production.
The Glass Room


Our curatorial essay, together with Bakker/Huizenga’s graphic work, will be joined by a new piece by shortlisted Booker Prize author Simon Mawer.


After opening in Illinois, it will travel on to other modernist hot spots around the country, including Scottsdale, Northern Michigan, Cincinnati and Palm Springs.

Stay tuned for more news as we count down the days…

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