Judy and Ginger met in 2001, when Ginger, curator at the Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale, coordinated the presentation of two exhibitions that Judy had organized while at the Davis Museum at Wellesley College in Massachusetts. Their collaboration began to take form when Ginger moved on to be curator at the Bellevue Art Museum in Washington. There they worked together on the conception of the exhibition OVER + OVER that ultimately opened at the Krannert Art Museum and toured nationally. Collaborating so successfully, working hard, and having fun creating their three major subsequent exhibitions, they formedc in 2008.

Ginger Gregg Duggan

Ginger Gregg Duggan is an independent curator based in Orlando, Florida. Frequent travels to New York, Chicago, and abroad keep her energized and current. After curatorial posts at the Bellevue Art Museum in Washington and at the Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale, and the Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art, both in Florida, Ginger is happily enjoying guest curatorial work across the United States and abroad. Somehow, she still has time for her teenage daughters.([wpdm_file id=14]


Judith Hoos Fox

Judith Hoos Fox emerged from a family of social scientists ready to read the signs of the culture from its art rather than from statistics. A two-year apprenticeship at Walker Art Center set the standard that has shaped her subsequent thirty+ years of curatorial work in both college and public museums. Exploring the intersections of art, design, and cultural commentary characterizes her curatorial practice. Judy and architect husband Charlie live in Boston, where they raised their now Texas-based daughter, Jocelyn Fox, who is their communications director. Judy is always ready to jump on a plane to experience all the art she can, to seek and follow ideas, and to strengthen and create projects.