Judy and Ginger met in 2001, when Ginger, curator at the Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale, presented two exhibitions that Judy had organized while curator at the Davis Museum and Cultural Center at Wellesley College. Their collaboration continued to form when Ginger moved on to the Bellevue Museum of Art in Washington. They worked together on the conception of OVER+OVER that ultimately opened at the Krannert Art Museum, University of Illinois and traveled nationally. Collaborating so successfully, completing each others sentences and critiquing each other’s ideas, they founded c2-curatorsquared in 2008.  


Ginger Duggan is an independent curator based in Orlando, Florida. She has held curatorial positions at institutions including the former Museum of Contemporary Art, Lake Worth, Florida; the Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale, Florida and the former Bellevue Art Museum, Washington. Since co-founding c2 in 2008, she enjoys the freedom of curating specially-tailored projects for institutions around the country, traveling and seeing as much art as possible. Passionate about design and the intersection of art and design, Ginger also views scouring lovely shops around the world as research of the best kind. When not on the road with Judy, Ginger’s most frequent travel partner is her husband, Greg, who is always up for tagging along on a day of museum hopping, but prefers their frequent trips to Los Angeles to visit their oldest, Lees, an animation student at CalArts. Ginger must have dragged her youngest, Anabel, around to too many museums as a child because she now avoids them at all costs, preferring the outdoors. Luckily, she does love to shop and Ginger is always ready. It’s for research. 
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Judy Fox, based in Boston, Massachusetts, spent the first half of her career as curator at academic museums: the Davis Museum, Wellesley College and the Museum of Art at RISD with visiting appointments at the University of Illinois and Harvard University following. But once she and Ginger Duggan joined forces, the real fun, and productivity began. They have concentrated their curatorial work entirely on organizing exhibitions that probe social issues through the art and design of our time. They are endlessly energetic and their interest in art and design is unquenchable. Through exhibitions and writing they present the work of new and unknown arts and designers, collaborating with museums across the country. Judy is beginning to travel again, after a pandemic-caused halt, fueling thought for new exhibitions. The fun is resuming. At home, she, with architect husband Charlie, are beginning a major expansion of their old house to accommodate the next generations, as art director daughter and geographer husband with their new baby have moved in after a decade in Texas.

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